Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chilli review - C. chinense "Numex Suave Orange" (Repost)

Numex Suave is dubbed as a "heatless habanero" type. This year it grew taller and more strongly than any of my other chinenses. This is one of my culls which never got potted on again......

It's fruited pretty well too. Impressive looking squat rectangular fruit, deeply lobed and a rich colour when ripe.


Tastewise these are pretty interesting. They are certainly not heatless but they're pretty mild. They certainly have far more heat than Trinidad Perfume for example and the heat builds just enough to make you think "oh *^*^!" after biting into one before fading away completely. They do have a rich flavour and a brief warming heat though. I think they'd be ideal for someone wanting to add additional flavour to stews/currys/the like without adding much more heat. Several of these in addition to some actual habaneros for example. I'd probably not be as keen to use these in a salad as I am Trini Perfume though; I think that's a superior pod for eating raw.

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